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Whatever your hair crown,
you will find it here. And more.

The different teams employed at Talent Haircrown LLP are:
Moulding Unit

A dedicated Molding Team helps optimize the run size, scrap reduction, and reduce setup times and preventive maintenance.

Rivet assembly team

A devoted team looks after special applications like assembly of Spring and Rivet, bringing more efficiency to the table.

Spray Paint Unit

We have employed trained applicators, mechanized tools and advanced products for faster, cleaner and better spray paint jobs.

QC team

Our passionate QC team works hard to ensure best products with maximum quality every time.

Packing unit

The Packing Unit not just provides team leadership to ensure high performing operational delivery but also ensures cost effective solutions and KPI’s are met in line with customer requirements.

Dispatch team

Our dedicated dispatch team ensures responsiveness, efficiency, and accurate delivery.


AT Talent, we have built a strong foundation on which our standard operating procedures and routines rest. We have assigned dedicated and skilled teams clear roles to departments and provide them with a sense of purpose and responsibility, thereby making it possible to take care of work more efficiently.
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